ACCESS: ADVOCACY was created in response to the common day school district. The ones with special education programs that are large, strained, and bi-products of a bureaucratic system. In many instances, the demands related to staffing, scheduling, and budget outweigh a student’s basic right to the least restrictive environment. This is a scenario that is far too common, yet equally, far too astounding to ignore.

The founder of ACCESS:ADVOCACY is a Southern California native who always knew that education was not just a passion, but the civil rights issue of our time. Her career in student advocacy and education took her to the Bay Area for 10 years where she worked in a variety of school Districts and earned her Master’s at the University of San Francisco. ACCESS’s founder has held many different leadership roles in education, including school psychologist, site administrator, and special education program coordinator. She possesses extensive experience in special education and after years at the District level, has decided to expand her reach in supporting students and their families.

“Every decision I have supported in my leadership role has been one that I would want for my own child. I think that has to be the standard.” -ACCESS:ADVOCACY Founder